About us

Lemongrass Restaurant

Launched in 1996, located on the quiet street Nguyen Thiep, District 1, Lemongrass has a strong attraction for domestic and foreign customers who appreciate the "French" and "quality" of Vietnam cuisine.

The first impression of Lemongrass is the a luxurious French architecture outside and a world of abundant Vietnamese dishes inside. Along with a variety of cocktails and the world-famous wines from France, UK, USA, Australia, Chile ..., Lemongrass restaurant aptly «acts as go-between» Eastern - West flavors deliver a perfect meal in an most worthy and enjoyable environment. The pleasant lemongrass aroma mingled in pieces of soft beef of the rolling salad or in Lemongrass fried rice is probably the «seal» marking the reputation of the restaurant.


Lemongrass Restaurant is voted by the renowned magazine The Daily Meal one of the 101 best restaurants in Asia

On 6/2008, second branch of Lemongrass restaurant at 14th Floor of Saigon Palace Hotel opened with a capacity of nearly 100 guests including 2 VIP rooms reserved for business meetings. Sitting at Palace Lemongrass, you can enjoy the panoramic beauty of Nguyen Hue Boulevard and Saigon River. There will not be other more ideal location in the city to enjoy the beautiful and shimmering fireworks from the vision of Lemongrass Palace restaurant. They will create the most memorable moments for you to fall even more love this romantic city.

The dishes price from VND 40,000 to VND 250,000 or menu of Vietnamese dishes price from VND 68.000 would be the easy option for you to have a party in its fullness. Lemongrass guarantees to bring you the great experience of the reputed culinary brand which was acknowledged as one of 101 best restaurants in Asia by Daily Meal magazine.

In 2018, Lemongrass has been chosen as a recipient of the TripExpert Experts' Choice Award. Fewer than 2% of restaurants worldwide receive the award.